RevTech and Silos - How to Manage the Tech Stack Morass with Sandy Robinson

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Join Warren Zenna, founder and CEO of the CRO Collective, as he dives into the world of revenue success in this episode of the CRO Spotlight Podcast. In this engaging discussion, Warren welcomes Sandy Robinson, Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations and Enablement at Patra, a tech-enabled insurance company. Together, they explore the intricate landscape of revenue technology (RevTech) and its profound impact on customer buying journeys.

Sandy shares her wealth of experience and insights gained from years in sales operations, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities presented by RevTech adoption. From navigating the complexities of integrating disparate tools to fostering organizational alignment around customer-centric strategies, Sandy offers practical advice for CROs, sales leaders, and marketers alike.

Discover how RevTech transcends mere toolsets, becoming a catalyst for enhanced customer experiences and streamlined revenue generation. Whether you're a seasoned CRO or a budding sales professional, this episode provides invaluable perspectives on leveraging technology to drive sustainable business growth.

Tune in to gain actionable strategies and expert guidance on harnessing the power of RevTech to unlock your organization's full revenue potential. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that promises to revolutionize your approach to revenue operations.
RevTech and Silos - How to Manage the Tech Stack Morass with Sandy Robinson
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