"Data VS Artistry" and "How To Unf**k Your Startup" with Dan Hurwitz

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In this episode, Warren welcomes Dan Hurwitz, an experienced revenue leader and the mind behind the podcast "How to Unf**k Your Startup." Warren and Dan delve into the intricacies of revenue leadership, sharing insights from their own journeys and exploring the critical role of intuition alongside data in driving business growth.

Dan shares his wealth of experience from over two decades in the industry, recounting his ventures in media and startup leadership. He discusses the common challenges faced by companies, particularly in early-stage and Series A/B stages, and highlights the pivotal role of the CRO in navigating these hurdles.

Throughout the conversation, Warren and Dan emphasize the importance of nurturing talent, aligning leadership vision, and fostering a customer-centric approach. They explore the delicate balance between leveraging data-driven strategies and trusting gut instincts, acknowledging that true business alchemy arises when these elements harmonize seamlessly.

Listeners gain valuable insights into the art and science of revenue leadership, learning practical strategies for optimizing team performance, fostering innovation, and ultimately driving sustainable business growth.
"Data VS Artistry" and "How To Unf**k Your Startup" with Dan Hurwitz
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